Family Life

Date Nights, Babysitters, and Sleepovers

20130309-140634.jpgLast night was date night. Nothing fancy, but we’re not fancy people anyway. We had dinner out and a movie in. (We try to live frugally and the idea of paying so much to watch a movie, while sitting in not-so-comfortable chairs with a bunch of strangers is not really for us.)

We dropped off our 4 children at their grandparents’ house. We are very blessed in that they live very close to us. As is my habit, I also brought a backpack of all their pajamas, not because we were planning for them to sleep over, but I like to have them dressed and ready for bed when I know we will be coming home later than usual. Much to our delight though, Grandma offered to keep the kids overnight so we don’t have to rush home.

We don’t usually have the children sleep over at other places without us. And of course, we always have concerns regarding Gabriel. We went away for the weekend once last year for our anniversary, but before that, our overnight stays away from home and from the kids have been in the hospital after I gave birth. We are so thankful for family members that know and understand our son. They are there to fully support us, so things, like date nights and overnight stays, don’t have to be avoided. I know I speak for other families who have children with special needs, that the love and support from other family and friends is invaluable.


(Photo credit: russelldavies)

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